Press releases for Sinatra My Way.

"Uncanny", "I thought it was a Frank Sinatra record", these are just some of the great press reviews that Fred has gained as one of the leading Frank Sinatra tribute acts in the UK. Throughout the years of perfoming, Fred has gained a hige reputaion in the industry for being one of the best Frank Sinatra tribute acts in the UK. You can read some of the press reviews below.

"I thought it was a Sinatra record playing when you were singing."

Michael Aspel - March 2002

"I thought that was Sinatra himself on stage."
Tom O'Connor, January 2003

"I really thought he was miming."
A frequent comment from audience members worldwide

“His vocal resemblance to Sinatra is quite uncanny;"

Bob Browning of Sinatra Music Society

Want to hear Fred perform as Frank Sinatra for yourself??

Fred has released his own CD - 'Sinatra My Way' featuring some of Sinatra's classics hits including:

  • Lady is a Tramp
  • That's Life
  • Fly Me To The Moon

  • Also listen to many more on Fred's second CD 'Let Me Be Frank With You'

  • Luck Be A Lady
  • My Funny Valantine
  • Where or When
  • and many many more!

    For more infomation and to purchase your own copy of 'Sinatra My Way' please click here to contact Fred.
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